I get it,

there is A LOT being thrown at you as an actor in this city- 


Casting directors





Survival jobs (!)

Not to mention figuring out what your type is and what kind of "package" you are. How do know what your "marketability" is and which casting offices you should target? Do you need an agent? Do you know how to go about getting an agent?

There's a ton to think about and deal with. I'm right there with you.

As a currently auditioning and working professional actor in New York, my perspective comes from a fellow artist that understands the unique challenges facing young actors today.


 I am able to offer great insight into the business world of pursuing a career in television and film. I offer one on one audition coaching, career consultations and ongoing business coaching for performers. 

My prices change based on the needs of the performer and I'm happy to offer a half hour consultation for free to discuss goals and intentions for future sessions. There are currently over 50 television shows shooting in NYC casting year round. There is work to be had if you make yourself set-ready and present yourself to the best of your availability. Let me help!

My specialty is helping musical theatre and theatre performers transition into television and film. I've done this myself and now I want to share what I learned and continue to learn.


Some things we might begin with:

Where to start?

Online presence


Who to meet?

How to prep auditions?

How to use your current industry contacts to help your new direction

Send me a message and let's get you working!



"Being a musical theatre actor I had no idea how to take my skills and transfer them to the tv/film world. Kate was patient with me as she gave me the tools to navigate that shift. She is a passionate and thoughtful coach! I felt super confident going into my auditions and callbacks"- Noellia Hernandez (National Tour, Buddy Holly Story)